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A networking researcher interested in the challenges of infrastructure at the end of the tail of connectivity

my work

I am currently a graduate student at the University of Washington (“U-dub”) affiliated with the ICTD Lab and Prof. Kurtis Heimerl.

My research focuses on Community Cellular Networking with an emphasis on the challenges of implementing and sustaining Community Cellular networks in the 4G and 5G era. I also have some ongoing work in cellular network security and a general interest in mobile ad-hoc and mesh networking.

me personally

I am a human being. I enjoy learning about the world, meeting people from different cultures, building tools, taking photographs, hiking, bike riding, reading, trying new food, and traveling. My primary language is English and I speak some Spanish. I tend to use emacs, but know how to get around vim. I went to undergrad at Rice University in Houston, Texas, USA and currently reside in Seattle, Washington, USA.

other stuff

A lot of my commercial work, volunteer activity, and smaller projects are covered in my online portfolio site. Someday I may migrate everything to one service, but for now check out for anything you don’t find here : )

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Currently a grad student at the University of Washington in the ICTD Lab...