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A networking researcher interested in the challenges of infrastructure at the end of the tail of connectivity


Congestion control mechanisms, by which network users share constrained capacity on Internet links, are heavily studied in computer science. Such mechanisms are traditionally automated, assuming that users do not wish to be involved in addressing congestion. However, in community-owned and operated…

While only generating a minuscule percentage of global traffic, largely lost in the noise of large-scale analyses, remote rural networks are the physical frontier of the Internet today. Through tight integration with a local operator’s infrastructure, we gather a unique dataset to characterize and…

Rethinking network congestion (Especially in community networks)

Crosspost from the UW ICTD Lab's medium account

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A network link suffers from congestion when demand for the link’s resources exceeds the amount of service it can supply within some reasonable duration of time, resulting in data being dropped on the floor or delayed. Both the “resources” and “reasonable duration of time” are highly situational and…

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Currently a grad student at the University of Washington in the ICTD Lab...