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Black Lives Matter


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The fight to end systemic racism, particularly against my Black neighbors in the United States (my home), continues beyond the summer of 2020, beyond the 2020 election, and beyond a blog post. The Internet is a vast place, but in this corner I hope to make this undeniably clear. The injustice served to Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery this spring, to the many hundreds killed, and to millions of Black folks marginalized through systemic denial of opportunity in a country they helped build, is shameful.

I have moments I am ashamed of– things said in ignorance and without empathy. Privilege of which I was unaware. I can add my voice now though in calling for a more just world, and my body and my position in making it so.

The past cannot be undone, and the work to reorient entrenched systems is difficult, but it is work that all of us must do.

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