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Porting my personal site to Hugo

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Over the last few months I’ve re-worked a lot of my own personal infrastructure, and learned a lot along the way. My ultimate goal will be to get all my infrastructure off of feed-based social media platforms and see how hard it is to recapture some of the magic of the young web, but of course that’s a long road ahead :)

I’m excited today to have finally finished one step on that journey, modernizing my old manual site onto a framework built around markdown content and a static site generator (I went with Hugo since I have some golang experience, I’m a little afraid of node_modules, and of course it’s fast). I’m using a slightly modified version of the hugo-future-imperfect-slim theme (Thanks Patrick Collins for building and maintaining it!) My goal is to allow this site to now grow and serve as a jumping off point for writing and other technical projects. If I’m being honest with myself, I mostly did this for the sake of learning how all this stuff works and trying something new. After spending quite a few nights and evenings re-learning how the web works circa 2020 with HTML5 and modern templating engines (the last time I did a deep dive on front-end web technologies was in the mid-2000s…) I’m excited to finally be at the 95% done point where I feel like the site is ready to go “live”.

If you’re a web voyager reading this page, I hope it brings you a little bit of joy and connection with myself, a random writer somewhere across the Internet. Enjoy!

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