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Spinach, Mushroom, and Pesto Lasagna

Delicious, and nightshade free!

2 minutes read

Some of us have unfortunate allergies that make a typical lasagna an itchy and uncomfortable affair. I originally got this recipe from my partner’s mom, who found it online and modified it to taste. Give it a try and enjoy!

Super easy black bean burgers

A new favorite, and make good leftovers for future lunches!

1 minute read

My partner and I found this recipe in an old college cookbook, and then heavily modified it to remove nightshades while still keeping a rich flavor! This is one of our newer favorite recipes and will probably evolve over time.

Black Bean Dip

You won't be able to stop

1 minute read

This recipe comes by way of my aunt Marilee. It was a crowd favorite growing up, and is absolutely amazing by the water on a hot sunny day!

Hybrid Lemon Bars

Tangy and delicious

1 minute read

Originally born from two recipes. The first, based on a slight modification to a filling from a major baking website. The second, for the crust, recited from memory over a phone call and hurriedly written down before again forgotten!

Grandma Lonergan's Banana Bread

A cherished family banana bread recipe

1 minute read

True origins unknown, but refined over many generations, this recipe makes a delicious soft banana bread. For maximum enjoyment be sure to not over-cook it, avoid over-mixing once you’ve combined the dry and wet ingredients, and consider adding some dark chocolate chips or favorite chopped…

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